David Blumberg, Blumberg Capital Interview

Nima interviewed David Blumberg, Managing Partner Blumberg Capital @TechnologyInATent earlier in the year.  He spoke about entrepreneur’s lessons, example Persistence & told the story of an entrepreneur growing his vision.  Also the issue of B2B & B2C.  ‘It’s not about competition but partnering.  In Silicon Valley 4 or 5 groups […]


Judy Myers, Founder/CEO Uboomerutv.com Interview

I interviewed Judy Myers, Founder/CEO Uboomerutv @TheStartupConference. She gives some tips to female entrepreneurs & is an all round inspiration to women. Judy is one of our NonPanelists. Related articles The search is on for inspiring women (coventrytelegraph.net) Angel Investor to Female Founders: Lighten Up (women2.com) When can a founder […]