Judy Myers, Founder/CEO Uboomerutv.com Interview

I interviewed Judy Myers, Founder/CEO Uboomerutv @TheStartupConference. She gives some tips to female entrepreneurs & is an all round inspiration to women. Judy is one of our NonPanelists. Related articles The search is on for inspiring women (coventrytelegraph.net) Angel Investor to Female Founders: Lighten Up (women2.com) When can a founder […]


Julie Craft, Infusionsoft Interview

Julie Craft, Regional Development Director San Francisco Bay Area Infusionsoft gave me an interview @TIECon 2013.  She’s been a woman in high tech for over 20 years, so a real role model for women in tech.  She’s been in startups for the past 10 years. “It used to be difficult […]


Jim Kaskade, CEO Infochimps Interview

I interviewed Jim Kaskade, CEO Infochimps. He talks about Infochimps & gave some suggestions for entrepreneurs who are raising venture. He had a great perspective. He’s a data geek but a great guy to chat with.  He spoke about the emotion in a business & the people he interacts with. […]


Sarah Cone, Associate Illuminate Ventures Interview

Sarah Cone, Associate Illuminate Ventures @TheStartupConference gave me an interview after the investor panel.  She spoke about the changes happening in the venture industry. She spoke about one of the big challenges, the Series A crunch. Sarah is one of our NonPanelists. Related articles Does the VC model suck? 8 […]


Chris Anderson, CEO 3DRobotics Interview

Chris Anderson, CEO 3D Robotics @TIECon 2013 was kind enough to give me an interview.  He was Editor of Wired & spoke about his time & contribution during that time.  “Wired: Best Coherent Story Telling along with Best of the Web & Interactivity & Video!  One of the most successful […]


Chris Yeh, CEO PBworks Interview

Chris Yeh, CEO PBworks gave me an interview @TheStartupConference after his talk ‘Entrepreneurial LifeCycle’. He spoke about an article he wrote for Harvard Business Review along with Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha Tours of Duty: The New Employer-Employee Compact   He also talked about PBworks which is now free for less than […]