NoPanels facilitates Funding for Startups #nopanels

Nancy Hayes, CoFounder Moolahoop spoke to us @LAUNCH Festival 2015. She was one of the nonpanelists @NoPanels Summer 2014 & an entrepreneur she spoke with received investment in his startup as a result of that conversation.


NoPanels Feedback

Some great feedback about NoPanels July 30, 2013 from NonPanelists & entrepreneurs both. Here is a more in depth video of interview feedback.  Feedback about NoPanels Summer 2013 from people including Lloyed Lobo, Partner Boast Capital; Hernan Jaramillo, CEO/Founder Tareas Plus; Judy Myers, CEO/Founder Uboomerutv.com; Scott Orn, Partner Lighthouse Capital […]


Sumeet Jain, Intel Capital Interview

Nima interviewed Sumeet Jain, Investment Director Intel Capital @SXSW. He spoke about Intel Capital & they’re global reach. His sweet spot is consumer internet: ecommerce, mobile technologies, advertising technologies all the way to software that is virally distributed. This was his 5th SXSW! “There are a large number of global […]


Andreas Stavropoulos, Managing Director DFJ

Nima interviewed Andreas Stavropoulos, Managing Director DFJ in TechnologyinaTent. “We’re talking about unsexy spaces, then if businesses start depending upon you to run their businesses better they are happy to cut you into their profits.” “Venture capital is a set of stories, one after the other. All the way from […]


Wendy Lea, CEO GetSatisfaction Interview

Nima interviewed Wendy Lea, CEO GetSatisfaction in TechnologyinaTent.  She is now ‘cool in Silicon Valley’ & she spoke about her background 30 years in the business.  She spoke about how she didnt know about venture capital & how Brad Feld educated her about venture.  She had bootstrapped so was unaware […]


Johnny Diggz, Chief Evangelist Voxeo Labs Interview

Nima interviewed Johnny Diggz, Chief Evangelist Voxeo Labs @SXSW.  He spoke about Tropo, API for Voxeo Labs. He spoke about all the fun they were having @SXSW.  The magic of apps where beers appear in your hand! Johnny Diggz is one of our NonPanelists. Related articles From 0 to Skype […]


Edith Yeung, Right Ventures Interview

Nima inteviewed Edith Yeung, Partner Right Ventures @SXSW.  She spoke about Passion. “Life is short, you have to do something you are passionate about.” Edith is one of our NonPanelists.   Related articles Sarah Cone, Associate Illuminate Ventures Interview (nopanels.com) Dolphin Browser sets eyes on Southeast Asia (sgentrepreneurs.com) After 80M […]


David Blumberg, Blumberg Capital Interview

Nima interviewed David Blumberg, Managing Partner Blumberg Capital @TechnologyInATent earlier in the year.  He spoke about entrepreneur’s lessons, example Persistence & told the story of an entrepreneur growing his vision.  Also the issue of B2B & B2C.  ‘It’s not about competition but partnering.  In Silicon Valley 4 or 5 groups […]


Gwen Edwards, Golden Seeds Interview

Nima interviewed Gwen Edwards, Managing Director Golden Seeds @TechnologyInATent earlier in the year.  Gwen spoke about her ability to execute on Sales.  “Half of the sales process is Listening!”  If you really listen & ask good questions, you can then translate that into what you know you have that will […]


Michelle Zatlyn, CoFounder CloudFlare Interview

Michelle Zatlyn, CoFounder CloudFlare gave me an interview @TheStartupConference.  She spoke about being a female cofounder.  She also gave some tips about raising venture. “Some businesses are not well suited to venture.”  She also spoke about being pregnant as a female founder. Here is the talk that Michelle gave @TheStartupConference […]